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During the next few minutes you will take a test which reviews your basic knowledge of the English language.

Take your time completing this test without the use of outside materials or assistance.

All 25 questions are multiple choice, each correct answer worth 4 points.

Good luck!

 *1) I stayed _____ a friend's house last night.
 *2) Most of the leaves have dropped _____ this plant.
 *3) Our batter hit a home run _____ the left-hand stands.
 *4) Which _____ boys will sell tickets?
 *5) Miss Smith is sitting _____ the two honor students.
 *6) A box of cough drops _____ last very long.
 *7) Each worker must furnish _____ own tools.
 *8) All of these cups _____ cleaning.
 *9) The panel of speakers _____ a good one.
 *10) Where was your English book _____ ?
 *11) You could have _____ with me?
 *12) I _____ him that song.
 *13) We _____ for hours.
 *14) The coat was _____ out.
 *15) With it's historical buildings and monuments, Rome, Italy's capital city, is one of the _____ interesting cities in the country.
 *16) Venice, in Italy's Veneto region, was _____ during the VI and VII centuries, and is considered, by many, as one of the most romantic cities in the world.
 *17) Ferrari cars are _____ in Modena, of the Emilia Romagna region, another city located in northeastern Italy.
 *18) Genova, birthplace of Cristoforo Colombo, _____ in the northwestern part of Italy in the Liguria region.
 *19) San Giogio di Nogaro is a little-known town in the northwestern part of Italy. Are you _____ to locate it on the map?
 *20) What's wrong with Tony? _____ very stressed and nervous lately.
 *21) No, _____ a good time at this party. Let's leave!
 *22) Listen? _____
 *23) No, I _____ that movie yet.
 *24) When your plane _____ , please call me.
 *25) Next August, Bob and Sue _____ for 10 years.

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