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Dear Teachers,

  Recently our world has been turned upside down with the tragic events in NYC plus deaths due to Anthrax attacks and our war with the Taliban.  Our concerns have been not only here but abroad as well!  We at ALP convey deep sympathy to any of you who may have experienced the loss or injury of a friend or family member. As you know many from Massachusetts were affected as well as the numerous persons in NYC and other parts of the world.

  Consequently, many businesses have been affected with ours being one of them since we rely on airplane travel for our students.  Since this is the case, we wish you to know that even though we are not booking many students at present, ALP is hopeful that conditions will return to some normalcy after January or February 2002.  We want you to know that we will continue in our efforts to send you fine students in the very near future and trust that you will still be available to offer your teaching and homestays. 

  In conjunction with that idea, we have included our Homestay Only Payment Sheet for teachers/families who offer Homestays Only (no teaching).  We normally do not specialize in that type of booking but find that it might be wise to offer this as well.  If you are unable to do a “Homestay Only” please Email us signifying that fact and let us add this information to your file. In view of your preference we will have your Regional Supervisor contact you only for teaching + homestay. Please note that our payments for Homestay Only are higher than most language and homestay programs and it might be worth some consideration.

  From time to time there are students in your town or city who would like to receive Private Lessons Only (no homestay). Our effort is to negotiate with those students and our teachers creating bookings. We do not have many inquiries of that type but wish to let you know that if there are any we will have your Regional Supervisor contact you for your agreement to teach those lessons whether in your home or the student’s home.  If you feel that you are not interested in any Private Teaching Only, please let us know that as well and we will note that in your file. Your Regional Supervisor will not contact you with any of those bookings then.

  If you find that you are no longer available for any future ALP booking (all types), please telephone or Email us and let us know your decision.  We need to be accurate regarding the number of teachers we have available in a given area when we resume placements, etc. Your cooperation on this point is appreciated.

  As the Holiday Season and New Year approach we wish each one of you a wonderful period to be with family and friends or take that needed vacation!  We all look forward to a new year with trust in our hearts that our future will be even better in days to come as we emerge from this difficult period!

  Wishing you and yours a most pleasant Thanksgiving,


  Marlena A. Hesse-Karami, Ph D

Director:  American Language Programs, Inc.