Locate learn english in usa at Alp-Online.com. Lessons are offered at the convenience and agreement of both student and teacher. The family provides all meals plus they offer a minimum of one excursion per week. All of our teachers/homes are carefully inspected to ensure student comfort and safety. We offer year-around enjoyment and study to our students. Students can plan a combination of two or more states and/or programs

learn english in usa - Students live (homestay) in the home of their own, qualified English teacher. They live the "American life" interacting with their American family in a totally English environment while they receive private, intensive English lessons of 15 to 25 hours per week from their own teacher in her/her home. Lessons and vocabulary are needs-based and personalized to suit each student individually. Our fees are competitive and lower than many other English programs. Students select the time of year, the number of study hours, and the level of their program. ALP is structured with the student in mind! Which program would you prefer? The choice is yours! American Language Programs welcomes you to a couple of the largest playgrounds in the world -- Palm Beach/Boca Raton and Orlando/Kissimee, Florida! In these scenic areas you will study intensively with your own, private teacher while living in his/her home enjoying these year-round warm and sunny havens of recreation and pleasure. ALP-Massachusetts welcomes you to Boston, Massachusetts---America's Walking City! Yes, it's true. If you follow our Freedom Trail (a red line throughout the city) you will see a multitude of historical and cultural sites. Soon, you can visit one of America's oldest cities, visit sites our Nation's earliest history while receiving intensive, private English lessons in the home of your very own teacher!

learn english in usa - ALP-Arizona welcomes you to the "Valley of the Sun," (over 300 days of sunshine each year), Phoenix, Arizona! You have the opportunity to receive intensive English lessons in the home of your own teacher while enjoying one of the most cosmopolitan areas of our Great American West. While in the home of your teacher, take advantage of the entire special events/attractions that are offered every day of the week. From internationally famous collections of fashion design and art to Broadway shows, major rock concerts and sports, the "Valley of Sun," has it all! But, don't forget--you are only a half-day's trip from The Grand Canyon National Park--one of the natural wonders of the world! Plan a weekend in this wondrous region for a truly unforgettable experience! You may even visit a four-star resort for a day of pampering, riding a horse or riding in a golf cart! Come and see this area's links page with links available to a myriad of sites in and around Phoenix!! Perhaps you're looking for some interesting museums or attractions in which to visit or where to find the best place to find entertainment--the links page has it!! Please click below..... Alp-Online.com - learn english in usa
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