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Deluxe Booking (Tuition & Homestay)

The American Language Programs Deluxe Program is the most prestigious accommodation possible at an affordable price. This deluxe accommodation offers the finest accommodations and meals. Students can enjoy private bath/shower as well as a prime location, home and teacher with this program. Gourmet meals, encounters with interesting people and added sightseeing are only a few of the advantages of our Deluxe Program. This program caters to the Executive Level student as well as any student with discerning tastes.

All-inclusive tuition for this level program ranges from $1350.00 to $1550.00 USD per week. Tuition fees are based on the number of hours for private instruction plus the number of weeks student is in the selected program.

Please see the "Rates" section of our website for specific program tuition information. 

Send us your information request (*Contact Us*) for a final tuition quotation.




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