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English as a First or Second Language has become increasingly important throughout the world. Whether you come from Europe, Middle East, Far East, South America or Canada, it is recognized in academics and communication among countries as well as international businesses between countries worldwide.  American Language Programs, Inc. was created to offer the best method of learning English in the least amount of time through our method of total English language immersion.

Founded in the late 1980's originally as "Boston Home Language" and then incorporated in 1990 as ALP, American Language Programs is a private homestay program with intensive English language instruction wherein students stay in the homes of their American teachers.  Within their program they receive individualized teaching according to their level in English.  The emphasis of our program is that students have the opportunity to “practice what is preached!”  In other words, their entire stay is practice in using English.  Their teacher and homestay host is a very qualified teacher usually with many years of training/experience and one or more academic degrees from well-known American colleges and/or universities.  Students become immersed in the daily lives of their families and practice English their entire stay. Lessons are private (one-on-one) and scheduled at the discretion of teacher/student but usually during morning hours. Meals and trips are with teachers and their host family.  This method of perfecting a second language has proven to be very successful. Numerous studies support this.  Why don’t you join us on an adventure of a lifetime?  Learn the language of the world, English, and share in an American experience!

Selected side-trips to neighboring cities are available through arrangements with your ALP teachers and ALP Corporate Office. These trips will be at an added, reasonable cost, per student and subject to the time of year and interests of students.

We also offer additional leisure courses and activities in conjunction with regular immersion course hours for an additional fee. Please visit our "Programs" page for more information!

Upon request, further information about our company and programs is available.  Please send requests to:


American Language Programs, Inc.

56 Hobbs Brook Road

Weston, Massachusetts 02493

FAX: (781) 894-3113

Phone: (781) 888-1515





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