American Language Programs, Inc - English Language Homestay Immersion Programs.  We offer intensive, one-on-one English lessons while living in the home of your teacher.  Programs currently available in Arizona, Florida, and Massachusetts, USA (California coming soon!!)


Company Information:

                                     Corporate Headquarters:  American Language Programs, Inc.

                                                                                              56 Hobbs Brook Road

                                                                                              Weston, Massachusetts (Metrowest Boston)

                                                                                              02493  USA


                                                      Regional Offices:   Orlando, Florida USA

                                                                                       Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

                                                                                       Miami, Florida USA

                                                                                       Boca Raton, Florida USA

                                                                                       Phoenix, Arizona USA

                                                                                       Los Angeles, California USA

                                                                                       San Francisco, California USA

                                                                                       New York City, New York USA

                                                                                       Honolulu, Hawaii USA

                                                                                       Vancouver, B.C., Canada




                                               Phone:  (781) 888-1515

                                               FAX:  (781) 894-3113




Corporate Leadership


Marlena A. Hesse-Karami, Ph.D.

Founder, CEO and President


Kristophe J. Karami, D.O., M.S.

Vice President Marketing and Operations


Ardelle Souljiart

Administrative Assistant


Tasha S. White, J.D.


Regional Supervisors


Supervisors are located regionally throughout the United States and Canada.

We have 9 supervisors serving our locations and area always available to assist students, teachers and their host families.


International Agents


Would you feel more comfortable speaking to someone from your own country who may have a better idea of your individual needs or may know personally about ALP?  Feel free to contact our agents with questions about our programs.  They are there to help you (in your own language) and are very knowledgeable!  Please contact us ( if you would like the name, address and/or telephone number of your local agent.  We have agents world-wide!


**Featured Agent:  Francesco D'Elia (Italy)**






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