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ALP-California Welcomes you to San Francisco:  Study in San Francisco offers China Town, wharf shopping, trolley cars, Golden Gate Bridge, nearby wine country (Napa Valley) and much more! How about a "Frisco" walking tour?  There are five choice tours for that: 1) Union Square – the Retail district of S.F. Here you will find cable cars and the site of some of the largest pro – Union demonstrations prior to the CA Gold Rush; 2) North Beach – one of longest beaches in the USA offers a most pleasant respite with its side – walk cafes and quaint shops; 3) China Town – 24 – blocks of Asian stores and restaurants making up the largest Chinese settlement outside of China with 1.6 Million of Chinese descent; 4) Fisherman’s Wharf – one of the most popular spots to visit while in the Bay area with cable cars, Victoria Park and the famous Hyde Street Pier. This is “home” to seafood enthusiasts; 5) Once known as the Golden Gate Valley, this scenic area boasts of Victorian houses with homes for the elite of San Francisco with a most excellent view of the Bay. 




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