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These are just a select few of the many happy students that have graduated throughout our program over the years.  Our students leave their host families with much more than just a better understanding of the English language.  Many students stay in touch with their American families and forge a lifelong relationship! 


"Almost everything that I did and saw there was my first experience.  At first, I didn't understand everyone and wanted to go home but after a couple of days, I felt comfortable, just like staying in my own home!  As a result I stayed an extra whole month with my family.  With ALP I wasn't only taught English but also much more.  I think that I am changed for the better and have a much broader outlook more than before thanks to them!"

                        Yuki Yoshida


                        Tokyo, Japan


"I stayed three times with my family.  Living with a family and having several hours of classes each day is a 10 (10 being top!).  It's a wonderful way to improve one's English painlessly and discover the "real American life."  During my third stay, I studied to take the TOEFL test; I obtained a score of 577 our of 587.  I recommend this method."

                     Benedicte Ghanassia


                     Paris, France


"I took an English course with ALP in Boston with 15 hours a week.  I chose this type of course because I wanted to learn English in a typical American Family and see how they interact in their home and how they live.  I stayed three months in the home of a lovely lady.  Often, my teacher introduced me to other students and I met a lot of interesting people around the Boston area many with whom I still have contact.  I liked the concept of the school very much!"

                     David Burkart


                     Winterthur, Switzerland


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