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Students from all over the world, ages 12-80 years old, professional and non-professional gain rapid improvement in their use of English as a Second Language through our unique method of English language immersion. Students live (homestay) in the home of their own, qualified, English teacher. They live an "American life" interacting with their American family in a totally English environment while they receive private, intensive English lessons 15 to 25 hours per week from their own teacher in his or her home. Lessons and vocabulary are needs-based and personalized to suit each student individually.


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  ALP offers four levels of intensive language instruction:
Lessons are offered at the convenience and agreement of both student and teacher. The family provides all meals plus they offer a minimum of one excursion per week. All of our teachers/homes are carefully inspected to ensure student comfort and safety.

Interested in Business, Economics, Marketing AND      English?  Enroll at prestigious Boston University and ALSO study English during your stay!

Affiliated with Boston University - Offering the Advanced Diploma Program through the International School

ALP offers programs in:


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Our fees are competitive and lower than many other English programs.

Students select the time of year, the number of study hours, and the level of their program. ALP is structured with the student in mind! Which program, number of hours and time of year would you prefer? The choice is yours!

We also offer these Special Programs:

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"I took an English course with ALP in Boston with 15 hours a week.  I chose this type of course because I wanted to learn English in a typical American Family and see how they interact in their home and how they live.  I stayed three months in the home of a lovely lady.  Often, my teacher introduced me to other students and I met a lot of interesting people around the Boston area many with whom I still have contact.  I liked the concept of the school very much!"

                     David Burkart


                     Winterthur, Switzerland


"Almost everything that I did and saw there was my first experience.  At first, I didn't understand everyone and wanted to go home but after a couple of days, I felt comfortable, just like staying in my own home!  As a result I stayed an extra whole month with my family.  With ALP I wasn't only taught English but also much more.  I think that I am changed for the better and have a much broader outlook more than before thanks to them!"

                        Yuki Yoshida


                        Tokyo, Japan


"I stayed three times with my family.  Living with a family and having several hours of classes each day is a 10 (10 being top!).  It's a wonderful way to improve one's English painlessly and discover the "real American life."  During my third stay, I studied to take the TOEFL test; I obtained a score of 577 our of 587.  I recommend this method."

                     Benedicte Ghanassia


                     Paris, France


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