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Dear prospective teachers and host families:

Employment with ALP can be a most rewarding experience.  If you have ever taught foreign students you realize how eager they are to learn and how wonderful the experience is when improvement develops and their goals are realized through careful teaching and life instruction.  Our programs offer the best teachers possible in private and comfortable settings.  Past experience with countless very pleased students attests to our proficient programs and the methods of our teachers!

If you would like to join our community of host teachers or become a host family yourself please contact me directly:  Once your request has been received I will Email you an application form.  Please return the completed application with your resume/CV via Email or by FAX: (781) 894-3113.  After a careful review, the Regional Supervisor in your area will contact you personally to discuss your qualifications and make an initial home visit.

Teachers with three to five years experience will receive preferential treatment and are strongly urged to apply.  Even with prior experience, instruction in our immersion methods is part of our employment package. 

CHINA EMPLOYMENT:  If you are interested in a wonderful teaching opportunity in China, please fill out the following application and send back to us with your resume/CV and required deposit.  China is a rapidly developing country and needs English instructors.  Please click here or contact us directly for more information.  This is a chance of a lifetimeTeach English in China!

We wish you well and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


Marlena A. Hesse, Ph.D.
Director & CEO

American Language Programs, Inc.

Teach English in China!


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